We provide candidate reports for a more productive interview.

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Then $10 each.

Use our candidate analysis first.
Interview second.

We send a survey to the candidate, analyze the survey and send you a comprehensive confidential report.

Report value has been validated by human resource professionals.

Take the survey for free. We will send you your results.

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100% HRM Validated

The report is your interview tool. 100% of the HR professionals surveyed told us that our candidate reports would help them conduct a more effective and productive interview.

More Effective Questions

The report provides the interviewer a comprehensive candidate analysis as a basis for asking more relevant and effective questions. Our survey method does not make comparisons between candidates, does not filter candidates, and does not make recommendations for a particular employment position.

More Productive Interviews

Our survey technology is solely designed to assist the interviewer and make that first interview a more productive experience.

Report Benefits

  • Improves the interview process
  • Enables more focused questions
  • Reduces interview time
  • Identifies key areas for in-depth questions
  • Produces a more effective first interview
  • Elevates the interview process
  • Empowers the interviewer with relevant facts

     The bar chart is a proprietary visual representation of a candidate’s traits. The chart is designed to assist the interviewer to quickly observe a candidate’s traits, which are supplemented in detail by the narrative. Everyone has these traits; some are stronger, others less dominant. The interviewer may wish to explore each of these traits in more detail. The bar chart and the narrative are designed to work together to support the interviewer.


Relaxed, Agreeable, Peaceful, Careful, Peacemaker, Calm, Easy going, Quiet, Friendly, Mediator.


Organized, Conscientious, Methodical, Creative, Detailed, Analytical, Perfectionist, Factual, Introspective, Inventive


Optimistic, Friendly, Fun, Imaginative, Colorful, Charismatic, Positive, Cheerleader, Entertainer, Passionate


Doer, Optimistic, Confident, Direct, Independent, Entrepreneur, Leader, Decisive, Tenacious.

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Take the survey for free. We will send you your results.

No contract. No fee. No risk.