Why You Are You

Court Reporter Al Betz and former technology executive and entrepreneur Bob Sherwood presented an interesting and engaging presentation to KCRA on the future of technology in court reporting and the contemporary approach to personal traits in business and communication.  We recommend Al and Bob’s presentation to our colleagues in the court reporting profession.

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Why do communities develop? The Court Reporting community, for example, finds value in using trait analysis to enhance self-awareness, to improve customer relationships through improved communication, and to develop profitable applications of traits. You can form your own community. Discover the contemporary benefits of your personal traits.

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  • STENOGRAPHERS – The recognized “Gold Standard” method of making the litigation and non-litigation record.
  • VOICEWRITERS – Expanding method of making the verbatim trial record. Also used in discovery as well as in non-litigation markets.
  • CART – Stenographers and Voicewriters enable access to viewing information by the hearing impaired.
  • CAPTIONERS – Stenographers and Voicewriters “write” the text that appears on screen at live or recorded events.

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The bar chart is a proprietary visual representation of a person’s traits. The chart is designed to assist a person to quickly observe their own or another person’s traits. Everyone has these traits; some are stronger, others less dominant.


Relaxed, Agreeable, Peaceful, Careful, Peacemaker, Calm, Easy going, Quiet, Friendly, Mediator.


Organized, Conscientious, Methodical, Creative, Detailed, Analytical, Perfectionist, Factual, Introspective, Inventive


Optimistic, Friendly, Fun, Imaginative, Colorful, Charismatic, Positive, Cheerleader, Entertainer, Passionate


Doer, Optimistic, Confident, Direct, Independent, Entrepreneur, Leader, Decisive, Tenacious.

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